Scarves are  on sale at the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art Store in Kansas City, Missouri and coming soon to other locations.

Original design by Holly Stewart, burnout velvet scarf, 78" x  9".

Burnout velvet scarf in tones of rich browns, dark lavender and somber maroon.  78" x 8".

Outrageously bright and exuberant fuchsia, orange, & turquoise with undercurrent of fleur de lis pattern.  78" x 7". 

I design every detail about my scarves and start with solid white velvet yardage.  I do the burnout process, dye and print the fabric and sew the scarves.  I meticulously craft my work so that each piece is a work of art to adorn the wearer.

Assortment of Shibori Itajime Kikko (tortoise shell pattern) Crepe Silk Scarves.  72" x 7".